The Future of Food in a Resource Constrained World, a Keizai Society Event

Automated farming irrigation sprinklers system on cultivated agricultural landscape field in sunset

The Mixing Bowl community members Timothy Koide, Alvaro Ramirez (eHarvestHub), and Christine Su (Summer Technologies) were joined by friend and Food Waste guru Justin Milano and shared their opinions on the future of food in a resource constrained world at Keizai Society event Leveraging Silicon Valley Solutions for our Food System last month.

The event acted as an idea springboard presenting innovation critical to the sustainability of the global food system, and focused on how applications developed here in the Valley might translate to the needs and markets in Japan. Interestingly, Japanese farmers early in the 20th century here in the Santa Clara Valley brought some of the first agricultural innovation to the area in the forms of irrigation and trucking. In lieu of similar resource drivers today, the Japanese again hold the potential for large scale agricultural innovation.

Food safety and food traceability are issues for Japanese agricultural production due to concerns over nuclear radiation and powerplant proximity, as well as the sourcing of meat from China. The panel showcased several new agricultural technologies, primarily to a Japanese audience, potentially applicable to Japan’s agricultural landscape.

Food safety issues concerning meat sourced from China can be assisted by Summer Technologies, promoting more sustainable and increased beef production. In regards to food traceability, proving production area is integral, and is possible with eHarvestHub food traceability solutions. Indeed, a farm in Hawaii is already set to use eHarvestHub for the produce they export to Japan. Perhaps Japan will follow the example.