Solutions Summit Idea Hack 12/2

Generate ideas for action on the greatest challenges facing food, ag and health! #foodaghealth

The Mixing Bowl Idea Hack was held on December 2nd and offered people from different backgrounds a chance to come together and develop innovative solutions to real world problems.

So, what is an Idea Hack?  It is like a hackathon for more than technologists.  A group of people from dissimilar backgrounds assembled to make uncommon connections and developed uncommon solutions.  This is a new way to promote the development of innovative solutions.

The Idea Hack started with a handful of challenge owners introducing the challenges by providing the context.  Usually the challenges are not shared prior to the event.  In this case, we can tell you that the challenges leveraged some of the topics identified at our Challenge Definition Workshop on Oct. 29th and were tailored to challenges in California.  Participants then selected the challenge they wanted to work on, self-organized into teams and started to hack solutions. For another example, check out the Idea Hack we did in Pescadero in early 2015 to see how we could scale up local food production and consumption.

At the end of the day, we reconvened to discuss each initiative and all contributors voted for the top three ideas. Cash prizes were awarded to the three teams with the most votes!

Winning teams were asked to have at least one team member present their solution again at the Solutions Summit Forum the following day.

Idea Hack Challenge Introduction slides can be found here!