IDEA Consortium

Interoperable Data to Enhance Agriculture

A main barrier to the digitization of food and agriculture has been the lack of commonly shared structural and semantic interoperability. The lack of interoperable data frameworks creates data silos for food producers, as data between different systems is not usually shareable without a conversion of data between two descriptive languages that can be technical and resource intensive. 

Without the digital exchange of information in agricultural production systems and across the supply chain from seed-to-stomach, it will be very difficult for agriculture to make improvements such as: tracking food from the field to improve food safety; providing nutritional information of food for personalization; transporting and processing food to minimize waste and deliver food to where demand is greatest; selling and buying food in a manner that is efficient and rewards food producers with premium pricing for differentiated products or practices; and fulfilling agriculture’s potential to drawdown carbon and provide other beneficial ecosystem services by sharing data to verify, measure and compensate food producers for embracing climate-smart agriculture practices.

IDEA is an initiative to connect and support those players that are developing interoperable data to enhance agriculture through group information-sharing.  If you would like more information, please contact Rob Trice at rob (at)


Beginning with the first version of our IDEA concept white paper, below is a list of resources. This is a living document and we welcome resource submissions. If you have a resource you would like us to consider adding, please email