Getting Food Funded

Feedback from participating start-up at FOOD FUNDED, the Bay Area’s food and entrepreneurship investor fair.

“Thanks for the opportunity to present at FOOD FUNDED.  While I was really pleased with the three potential customers and four investors that followed up with me from the event, I also wanted to thank the organizers for putting me through your screening process.  The feedback you gave me on my presentation was high quality.  I was really impressed with the quality of the other companies and their presentations.  I have won nine business plan competitions in the past but the level of my “competition” at FOOD FUNDED was the highest I have ever encountered and broke my winning streak!

Congratulations to you for assembling such a high quality group of companies, investors and judges.  I hope you decide to do this again.

Alvaro Ramirez
eHarvestHub Inc.”
“The quality of food companies was outstanding and it was wonderful to meet and network with other food entrepreneurs as well as investors. The diversity of attendees was excellent and I made connections that will definitely help my business grow.” -FOOD FUNDED attendee


Photo by: Jonathan Fong 2015