Food Geeks Travel: UC Davis


The Mixing Bowl, in conjunction with the World Food Center at UC Davis, organized a “Food Geeks Travel: UC Davis” the day after our FOOD IT conference to expose our friends to some of UC Davis’s cutting-edge researchers on a variety of topics. This was an opportunity to see first-hand the future of ag and food science and technology in search of market-changing applications.

In Davis we:

  • Toured Russell Ranch, the 100-Year Sustainable Agriculture Study
  • Heard overviews on the work of leading UC Davis scientists on a variety of food science topics:
    • Bio & Ag Engineering & Energy Efficiency by Chris Simmons
    • Microbiome, Food Science & Technology by Bruce German
    • Metabolmonics & Nutrition by Carolyn Slupsky
    • Hydrology by Jan Hopmans
    • Plant Genetics by Siobhan Brady
    • Food Safety by Bart Weimer
    • Roger Beachy, Director of the World Food Center
  • Toured the Mondavi Institute for Wine & Food Science to learn topics such as fermentation and dairy processing.
  • Learned about the newly launched Innovation Institute for Food & Health
  • Enjoyed a delicious lunch with local wine and olive oil tasting under the splendid Davis sunshine before returning to The Bay Area.