Rob Trice

Rob Trice is the Founder of The Mixing Bowl. In 2013, he began to leverage his background in telecom, mobile and internet venture capital to the application of information technology…

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michael rose

Michael Rose

Michael’s efforts as a Partner at the Mixing Bowl are built on┬ámore than 25 years immersed in new venture creation and innovation as a CEO, operating executive, advisor, and investor…

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Chris Taylor

As Senior Consultant on The Mixing Bowl team, Chris bring more than 20 years of global IT strategy and development innovation in manufacturing, design and healthcare.

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Megan Shahan

As an Associate at The Mixing Bowl, Megan brings keen business analytical skills as well as a true passion for food, agriculture and the environment. She has been deeply involved…

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Franziska Schottler

Franziska, from Germany, brings experience in business development, including M&A and concept development, which she connects with her passion for nutrition and digital health. She is very passionate-driven, which she…

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