Agtech Startups @ AgriVest Israel

On April 27th, 12 Israeli companies pitched a crowd from 20 countries at the Agrivest 2015 Conference in Israel. The event was hosted on by GreenSoil Investments, Trendlines AgTech, and Invest in Israel.

Companies who presented included:

DouxMatok THE WINNER of the Best Company Award
Sugar that’s twice as sweet as sugar, tastes like sugar, but you can put two scoops instead of one in your coffee. Introducing a new sugar-based class of sweeteners that loads food-permitted carrier particles with sugars. We tried some–and couldn’t taste the difference!

BioFishency 2nd place
This company is producing an all-in-one water treatment for land based aquaculture. Suitable for all aquaculture systems by a plug and play installation. Basically, the water filter cleans out ammonia and increases fish production (2-5x) using up to 90% less water!

Groundwork BioAg
Mycorrhizal innoculants that effectively extend root systems 10-100x and increase nutrient absorption.

Ecofer Fertigation Technologies Ltd. allows farmers to program their desired fertigation regime. The system dissolves soluble fertilizers on-site to mix and convert into liquid fertigation.

Futura Graft
Futura Graft is developing a robot for automated multi-rootstock grafting, decreasing labor costs and improving the quality and performance of plants.

An ag analytics company that offers automated software for adaptive irrigation.

EQUInom Ltd.
EQUInom is utilizing DNA sequencing technology and proprietary algorithms. This seed company uses Target Product Genomic Codes to determine optimal non-GMO hybrid combination for seeds, specifically sesame and quinoa.

A proprietary hydroponic system for producing the protein-rich mankhai superfood.

Phenome Networks
This is a bioinformatics platform for the seed value chain. Phoneme Networks synthesizes genetic data privately linked from academia for analytics and better plant breeding management. They aim to identify genes that will grow better crops.

Saturas Precision Irrigation is a miniature SWP sensor embedded in a tree, vine, or stem that is part of an automatic irrigation system. It only requires 1-2 sensors per hectare, reduces water costs 10-20%, and increases yields.

Valentis nanotech
A biodegradable and transparent food packaging material made from pulp waste, via combination of nanoparticles with cellulose nanocrystals. The food packaging material has high-barrier properties blocking UV rays, oxygen, and moisture to extend food shelf life.

VIBE technologies
Advanced computer vision systems for quality control checks for product samples. Its been used for rice, wheat, maize, seeds, spices, and tea.

Rob Trice
Founder of The Mixing Bowl