Nine Billion Food Events by 2050?

California may very well be leading the way to achieving the goal of nine billion for events by 2050! Just last week, we had the Latino Farmer Conference, the California Food & Ag Summit, the Positive Pastures event, La Cocina Food+Entrepreneurship Conference, reThink Food at the Culinary Institute, the Seedstock Sustainable Ag Conference, the Nutritional Capital Network event, the Berkeley Food Venture Lab and Berkeley Four Food Entrepreneurs Forum, and the CSU Monterrey Bay Greater Vision Ag event.  It is encouraging to see so much energy applied to food, ag and health issues— but tiring to try to attend them all!

So on that note, The Mixing Bowl is doing its part to achieve this goal.  We are teaming up with the UC Davis World Food Center and Innovation Institute for Food & Health, and Apps for Ag to hold a Solutions Summit for Food, Ag & Health in Davis December 2nd and 3rd.  To find more information and register for this event, click here.  The best part about this event?—It’s just $50 to register!