2017 AgTech Landscape: What’s On The Horizon

Just ahead of The Mixing Bowl’s “FOOD IT: Fork to Farm” event on June 27th in Mountain View, CA, Seana Day has released an updated version of her AgTech Landscape Map and provided her latest perspective on the AgTech market.

Why Robotics Will Change Agriculture

We’re still in the early days of adoption of robotics in agriculture, but the challenges and new financial reality the food production sector in the US is facing is forcing it to embrace a new mindset.

Three is a Magic Number

By Rob Trice January 10, 2017 The Mixing Bowl was started three years ago this time of year, and, as I have done for our last two birthdays, I wanted…


FOOD IT: Re-DO Growing – In the Field

After a one-on-one interview, former California Secretary of Agriculture, AG Kawamura, is joined on stage with other farmers– large and small, from overseas and Iowa and California– to discuss how…