Photo: Getty Images. A strawberry harvesting robot picking a ripe strawberry at the annual International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo on November 6, 2013. The robot can gather a piece of fruit and sort by size automatically.

Why Robotics Will Change Agriculture

We’re still in the early days of adoption of robotics in agriculture, but the challenges and new financial reality the food production sector in the US is facing is forcing it to embrace a new mindset.

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(Photo: Shumilov Ludmila)

Three is a Magic Number

By Rob Trice January 10, 2017 The Mixing Bowl was started three years ago this time of year, and, as I have done for our last two birthdays, I wanted…

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Purple Dish And Cutlery Keyboard Key, Food Background

Why We Need An Internet Of Food

In preparation for the Inaugural IC-FOODS conference, which will take place November 7-9 at UC Davis, The Mixing Bowl’s Rob Trice and Krista Holobar talked with Matthew Lange, the Principal…

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A Taste from FOOD IT: Solution Harvest

FOOD IT: Solution Harvest; challenges, solutions, design thinking and innovation from all around. On July 12th, 2016 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, representatives spanning the food, agriculture…

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